Fair warning, if you are squeamish then this might not be the episode for you. We do talk about a horror movie scene that is very similar to suicide and other gore based scenes.


Welcome back to another episode of The Game of Nerds podcast! In our second episode, we are talking all about Halloween and Horror with Chantel Rolufs and Shelby Tolly. They have been covering anything scary on The Game of Nerds over the years and have become our “Ladies of Horror”. The three of us also happened to be the most Basic Fall Witches of them all. So with Halloween right around the corner, we figure we might jump into the horror genre. We start off with the basics discussing how we all got into horror and what constitutes horror for each of us. We then jump into things we love and hate about horror and what movies had us knowing we were scarred for life.

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Shelby Tolly
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For those who aren’t ready for Cannibal Holocaust, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of horror starting points for you.

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