Jamie Lee Curtis of Halloween fame is set to make her debut as a director for Mother Nature and to also co-write the eco-horror film. According to Deadline, Curtis signed a deal with Blumhouse Productions ( Get Out, Halloween 2018, and The Purge). This deal is to last 3 years and covers both TV and film. Curtis’ label, Comet Productions is working with Blumhouse Productions on Mother Nature. The eco-horror film is “centered around climate change,” Deadline stated. But this isn’t Curtis’ first time working with Blumhouse Productions.

Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her 1978 role as Laurie Strode in the 2018 revamp Halloween, but she also was an executive producer on the film with John Carpenter as executive producer as well. John Carpenter produced, directed, wrote, and did the score of the original 1978 Halloween with a small budget of $300’000. Carpenter also joined in the 2018 film as a composer and creative consultant. The director of the revamp is David Gordon Green of Pineapple Express fame (Yes, that Pineapple Express). According to both IGN and Screenrant, this revamp is supposed to retcon all the Halloween movies, but the original 1978 film. This would make the revamp a sequel to the original 1978 film. This was an absolute successful collaboration of Jamie Lee Curtis and Blumhouse for the film brought in $255 million, and also making it the highest-grossing movie in the franchise.

Halloween (1978) soundtrack – Halloween Theme (Composed by John Carpenter)

Halloween (1978) takes place fifteen years after a kid murders his sister on Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois, 1963. This kid, now an adult, is Michael Myers and escapes the institution he has resided in for 15 years. Myers returns to the same hometown the original murder takes place to look for the next victims to kill on Halloween. The movie carries themes of American morals and values of that era.

Halloween (2018) Theme – Composed by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter (son), and Daniel Davies

Halloween (2018) is the sequel to the original 1978 Halloween and retcons the rest of the franchise. The 2018 film takes place 40 years after the Halloween incidents in 1978. Laurie Strode having survived the attack of Michael Myers on Halloween night. Myers is back to being locked up in an institution, which he eventually escapes from. It is now a one-on-one showdown of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers with Myers returning to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. Strode now a self-made survivalist and is ready to face Myers. The movie carries themes of PTSD, surviving trauma, and how trauma can affect more than just the survivor.

But is that the end of the Halloween franchise?

A fitting answer to this would be the words of little boy Tommy, played by Brian Andrews in the original Halloween, “You can’t kill the boogeyman.” Even though the mask is getting old, Michael Myers is not quite done with us. Blumhouse Productions is slated to release an additional two films to the new and improved Halloween franchise. They plan to release the first film, Halloween Kills, on Oct. 16 of this year. Though a trailer has yet to be officially released yet, Blumhouse Productions stated on their twitter that the trailer is currently in the works. They also plan to release the second film, Halloween Ends, on Oct. 15, 2021. Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode and also serve executive producer on both films.

So keep a lookout for Jamie Lee Curtis’ film, Mother Nature, and also keep a lookout for the next two films of the Halloween franchise! Stay spooky and stay safe!