The Game of Nerds Podcast is back! I’m so happy to announce that I’m returning to host the podcast that started it all. Over the past seven years, over a hundred writers, and I have created an entire written fandom library that we are so proud of. As we’ve entered 2020, we think it’s time to create an entire audio library now. The goal is to create a podcast of all different fandoms, books, movies, games, shows, cosplayers, conventions, and more. Of course, I’m not an expert in all things nerds, so these episodes are great for fans who want to learn more about a specific topic in an hour.

In this first episode, we are talking about The Game of Nerds. Jon Hicks and Natalie Griffin are the guests. They are veteran TGON writers, cosplayers, and general nerd bad-asses. We cover everything from their experiences with The Game of Nerds, the fandom life, and how much things have changed in the last few years. We even dive into our predictions for the next seven years. Don’t worry Spaghetti Tuesdays are still a thing.

Find out more about our amazing guests:

Natalie Griffin
Her TGON Articles can be found here!
Paranormal Potcast
Twitter @natwingwrites
Instagram: @Natwing.cosplay

Jon Hicks
His TGON Articles can be found here!
Twitter @Jpgarfunkle
Instagram: @Jpgarfunkle

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