Let the music play, for the return to comic shelves of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock.   It’s been seven long years since the Fraggles have graced the pages of a comic, and now to celebrate their 35th anniversary, BOOM! Studios’ Archaia imprint is putting out a 4 issue limited run of our favorite dancing, singing Fraggles.

The New Fraggle Rock mini-series will be a published in an 8-inch by 8-inch format and will feature a different creative team for each issue.   The first issue of the new Fraggle Rock series has a cover by Jared Cullum, and a variant by Jake Myler which will connect to the other three issues in the series, along with a retailer incentive fifth cover that will ship with issue #4.   The limited mini-series will be four one-shots, and according to BOOM! Studios the synopsis for the first issue is, “Mokey Fraggle is losing her love for creating her art and needs her friends’ help to rediscover her inspiration.”

For you, youngsters, out there Fraggle Rock was a show that aired originally on HBO from 1983-1987.  Making this year the 35th anniversary of the TV show.  Today Fraggle Rock is still regarded as Jim Henson’s most popular creation next to the Muppets and Sesame Street.    Do yourself a favor, if you have HBOGO, the episodes are on there to stream, or you can find them on GooglePlay, Vudu, and AmazonPrime as well.  Familiarize yourself with this great show.  Trust me, it will be making a big time come back in the next few years.  It’s too good of a show not to.  But a word of warning, once you get that theme song in your head, it will never get out.

Fraggle Rock #1 will play its way into comic stores sometime in May.  If we find out an exact release date or more on the other issues The Game Of Nerds will let you know about all the happenings down at Fraggle Rock.