10 Truly Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends

I. Filth Licker


Akaname( filth licker) Is a small goblin like yokai that haunts the bathrooms of dirty individuals in Japan. Akaname is about the size of a small child and is completely naked. The hair and body are covered in filth from head to toe. The creature reeks like human-waste and eats filth.

Although it is general shy and avoids human interaction they spread disease every where they go. There only weakness seems to be light as they are afraid of it. It has the nasty habit of licking the feet of individuals that are using the restroom. A truly terrifying creature that comes straight out of your childhood nightmares.

II. The Girl From the Gap


The Girl from the Gap is a ghost from Japan that lives in cracks and gaps in houses. The spirit take the form of a woman. She gives her victims the sensation of being watched constantly. If an individual sees her she will challenge them to game of hide and seek. The next time that she appears the Girl from the Gap will drag the individual to hell.

III. Eight Feet Tall

hachishakusamaEight Feet Tall is a ghost from Japan that takes the form of an eight feet tall ghastly woman. Eight Feet Tall stalks the nights of the Japan looking for children to abduct and take to their doom. Before she adducts her victim she make the sound po, po, po in a deep manly voice. If she looks at you it means that you will die in a few days.

IV.  Aka Manto 

maxresdefaultAka Manto is a spirit that appears in red cape to individuals in the last stall of public and school bathrooms. When a person enters the stall they hear a voice that asks them if they want red or blue toilet paper. If the person response that they want red they will be brutally murder and their corpse will be slashed until bloody. If the person pick the blue toilet paper role they will be strangled or suffocated to death. If the Aka Manto believes that they are trying to outsmart him he will drag them to hell. The only way to escape alive is to refuse to choose.

V. The Red Room Curse


There Red Room Curse is one of the most terrifying modern urban legends to come from Japan. The Red Room Curse appears as a pop-up on the screen of a individual’s computer screen as a red door.

In Japanese the pop-up will ask if the individuals in a child voice” Do you like the  Red Door? Then you will have to answer some rudimentary questions until you reach a list of names with yours on it. The next day you will be found dead and your blood will paint the walls of your room.

VI. Tomino Hell


The legend is about a curse poem that was written by Saizo Yaso in 1919. The legend says that anyone that reads the poem will suffer injury or death. The poem is much like the inferno in that it illustrates a persons trip to hell. This poem is dangerous and must never spoke aloud least you fall under its curse. If you are feeling brave I have included a link to the poem here.

VII. Red Child’s Hand


As the name says the Red Child Hand is a demonic creature that manifests itself as the dismember hand of a child that hangs from the Japanese Honey locust tree. The creature drops down on victims terrifying them but leaving them unharmed.

VIII. Human Pillars


In ancient times the Japanese believed that the spirits of the land need to be appeased prior to erecting a new building. In order to do this the owner of a new building would seal a human alive the central pillar of a new building. Typically these pillars would make up the foundation of a building.

XI. Teke Teke


Teke Teke was a young girl that was pushed on to a train track by her school bullies. The train came suddenly and cut Teke Teke in half. Now she roams Japan dragging herself with her elbows along the ground carrying a scythe in her mouth. When she kills her victims they return just like her hunting people in their mad quest for revenge.

X. Katawaguruma


Katawaguruma is a demonic spirit that punishes individuals with curse who see them or spread news of them by gossiping. The spirit takes the form of a naked woman riding a flaming ox cart-wheel.


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