Liz is still reeling from almost being killed, to learning Max is an alien, and learning that he knows more about his sister than he lets on. Also from an attack from Michael and Isabel. They’re afraid that she will tell their secret, but telling is not something that is on her mind. The pain of Rosa’s death still affects all those involved. She gets a swift reminder from her dad about forgiveness.

Liz decides on a new path and tries to find answers scientifically. Kyle warns her that that may not be the best approach. She enlists the help of Max and their freaky alien connection. She asks him to show her some memories, he’s reluctant but he gives into her request. She sees a scene before he breaks contact. She is so caught up in her feelings that she doesn’t register the memory and what it could me right away.

Michael is drowning his sorrows in acetone and whiskey. Yeah I know, but he is an alien, and that is their pain killer. None of that sweet and spicy in this show. Isabel is trying to recruit Michael to deal with Max. We all know what the issue is. Max is in love with Liz and they see her as a threat. Max is just trying to keep the peace and Liz from finding out what really happened to her sister.

In Roswell world, it is the ten year anniversary of the accident that took the life of Rosa and another girl. The Crashdown is closed because of that same incident. Everyone is a little on edge. Liz ends up asking Maria about the words written on Rosa’s hand. Those same words that she saw in Max’s memories. Her scientific investigation leads to more questions when her autopsy report is brought in. Turns out Rosa has an alien handprint on her mouth and Max knows. Liz knows that he knows more than he is letting on.

Tensions are high and everyone is on edge. Will something happened on this anniversary night? What really did happen to Rosa that fateful night, ten years ago? Max is looking out for Liz’s dad as he is attacked by the brother of the girl who died. He ends up having to save him from being beaten up. He ends up taking it a little overboard and almost kills the guys. Thankfully Michael and Isabel step in and save him from himself.

Liz does decide to meet up with Max to determine if her feelings are real. Instead she uses that as a means to interrogate him about her sister. He fails the test. She asks about that night and he lied. Now, Liz will have to try and get information by using Max and his feelings for her. All while lying about her true feelings for Max. Seems everyone is lying about the way that they feel. Including Alex. He is so obviously in love with Michael. Not sure why he is fighting against it so hard.

Needless to say, Liz thinks it was Max who killed her sister. Instead of leaving, she is now going to find the truth about what happened to Rosa even if it turns out to be someone she loves. Next up, Liz accuses her soulmate of murder and ruins her chance a love, maybe….