Today I am here to share with you my top 9 podcast recommendations for horror fans. What is a podcast you might ask? A podcast is an audio recording which is readily available on the internet — most often you have the ability to download said content and frequently is available in episode like installments. A podcast can provide you with hours of entertainment while still having the ability to do other tasks while listening! I started listening to podcasts about 5 years ago while working a very boring job. I discovered most through recommendations from one of my favorite podcasts (which I simply discovered by typing “horror movie podcasts” into my search engine) but it took a lot of screening to find the good ones. To help make things a bit easier for you, I have compiled the best of the best into one solid list for your listening pleasure!


Picture Source: Dead Films Inc. (Day of the Dead – 1985)

The following podcasts are listed in no particular order:

The Black Tapes In this bi-weekly fictional podcast, the listener follows alongside host Alex Reagan and several others as they try to solve the mysteries of their past. In this docudrama, you are frequently faced with the question as to whether or not this is a work of obvious reality or whether or not the supernatural elements are as they are. Give it a listen and you be the judge!

The Padded Room Podcast This horror podcast provides the listeners with plenty of information relating to all things horror with a less serious tone. The extremely dynamic host Darien Brock and each of his co-hosts provide unique and interesting insights on everything horror related! With episodes releasing every week they will keep you laughing (and sometimes wincing – but in a good way) for hours on end! Who knew horror could be this funny?

Land of the Creeps This is a weekly horror film reviewing podcast hosted by the man, the legend, Gregamortis himself alongside his friends Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker, Jessie Robbins, Haddonfield Hatchet and Dr. Dirty! They rip apart horror films, the good and the bad, and provide you with their recommendations as to whether or not you should watch these films!

Streaming Horror Society I’m sure the name says it all, but the Streaming Horror Society podcast reviews horror movies that you can find streaming online! This podcast is hosted by Darien Brock (of The Padded Room podcast) as well as Jeff Hammer alongside a surprise guest each week, and they are going through every horror movie that you can find streaming online to provide you with their ratings and recommendations as to whether or not you should stream these horror movies!

Lore Aaron Mahnkey hosts this bi-weekly podcast where you get a history lesson on famous (and not so famous) myths and legends from all around the world! You’ll discover new and terrifying things that you never knew existed and the horrifying truth of it all. From vicious vampires to creepy quarantines, this man leaves no legend untouched!

Dead As Hell This podcast is hosted by One Sick Puppy and his name says it all. Follow him and his band of lunatics as they dive into all things horror! It’s not just horror movies with this one, you’ll also hear reviews of horror literature, comic books, TV shows and the occasional interview!

The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Ron Martin and Little Miss Horror Nerd Jessica Feeney host the Resurrection of Zombie 7 Podcast where they discuss horror franchises one movie at a time! They review each film one at a time so you get to find out a lot of information about the franchises that you wouldn’t know otherwise! In between franchises they have episodes called “One Night Stands” where they review a non-franchise related movie — generally a listener’s pick — and boy, do the listeners love to torture these two because some of these movies are just brutal!

The NoSleep Podcast The NoSleep Podcast is a horror storytelling podcast that is designed to frighten the listener, listeners beware because they leave no subject matter untouched! This award-winning anthology series features a large cast of actors who narrate short horror stories originally found on the subreddit ‘NoSleep’. Each episode contains anywhere from 5 – 10 short stories, if you are a season pass holder each episode is approximately 2 and a half hours long. If you are not a season pass holder, worry not; they produce tons of free content for you to listen to as well!

Horror Movie Podcast Horror Movie Podcast is a widely-loved show where hosts Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh, and Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker talk about new release horror films as well as the classics! They often have themed episodes such as “Shark Attack!” (in which they discuss shark-themed horror movies) as well as “Man’s Best Fiend – Horror Pets” (wherein they discuss the concept of animals in horror movies). They don’t just stick to themed episodes, sometimes they have “Frankensteinian” episodes where it’s a mixed bag of horror movie news and reviews! These guys know their horror and it’s a must-listen podcast for anyone who is interested in learning more about the genre!

If you have any horror-related podcast recommendations please leave them in the comments below or tweet them to me @ChantelRolufs! Don’t forget to check out the rest of The Game of Nerds for all your fandom — and horror – needs!