It was a long time coming but the newest Walking Dead, the World Beyond finally started, we are all happy and hoping that it leads to some sort of information to where Rick Grimes is let’s be honest, but that wasn’t the case this episode. This show, expectedly had a very different feel compared to the other shows, but it wasn’t a bad thing, my main gripes are, and this is in general for a lot of shows, that all sorts of “coincidences” happen to characters that are so close to each other. At the end I’ll throw out a prediction or two for the show, I just have some vibes about the direction so I’ll come back later and see if I was right or not.

So to set the scene for anyone who isn’t completely caught up on things, this show takes place in the future, believe around ten years but I can’t confirm it. This is supposed to be a two year show, with ten episodes each season and that is it, my belief is it is going to be some sort of in between or lead in to the Rick Grimes movies.

With that said, this show takes place behind walls in a protective colony, the kids are getting ready for a field trip to welcome someone to their colony. Iris is the leader of the student council and this trip, her sister Hope is the rebel one and climbs in the undercarriage of the bus when nobody is looking. Hope has a small scare from a bounced walker from a jeep, driven by one of th security detail, that got stuck on the bus but nothing overly scary. When the bus arrives at the landing spot, Hope gets out from under the bus to go visit her moms grave, while visiting she sees and hears a helicopter and four larger cargo aircraft and knows it’s time to get back to the bus.

The visitor is from the Civic Republic Military and her name is Elizabeth, during the discussions we learn that nobody knows where the CRM is located, and that the three large colonies are in Portland, Omaha, and this location. This location is having a celebration soon, the girls dad, is the smartest scientist around and is helping the Civic Republic with, something, I am not exactly sure. Hope is going to have a big part, and makes a bunch of alcohol that she wasn’t supposed too, this is an important point later for a couple reasons.

The girls dad has been communicating with them via a printer, he would send one line messages when he can, his last one is that his safety is not assured. Hope gets her alcohol taken away, and it’s later offered to Elizabeth. Hope and Iris have a conversation outside about how they don’t trust them and they have their dad. Elizabeth hears and talks to them, but Elizabeth is a little wasted, Elizabeth talks up Iris and all she can do, and follows up with how Hope is a rebel by flipping her off and has a knack for making things as evident by the alcohol and somehow made Champagne, she says the girls are both like their dad in ways. As a way to try to earn some trust Elizabeth shows them a map of where their dad is, it’s encrypted so they can’t read it exactly but it shows the general area where he is working at a facility.

Iris has had nightmares since the day the sky fell, and when their mom died, Hope has as well in her own way, the flashback shows the progression. Hope and her mom get separated, while they make it through the rubble they come across a vehicle, but a pregnant lady is in front of them. The pregnant lady shoots and kills Hope’s mom, Hope in turn gets the gun and shoots the pregnant lady. Turns out this lady is Elton’s mom and unborn sister, which hasn’t come out yet to them.

At the big speech Iris says she doesn’t trust the CRM because she doesn’t know them or anything about them. It was a pretty ballsy call, but not wrong. Iris and Hope decide that they have to go and look for their dad, and will take the trip to New York which is 1100 miles on foot. Elton and Silas both volunteer to go with the girls, Elton wants to go and see the world, and Silas doesn’t want to be what people think he is here. Elton admits that he sneaks out and knows a way out, he also knows karate lol. The cops, Felix who is supposed to protect them, and Huck his partner go to look for the kids and think they are heading to Omaha and go to look for them.

The group of four set out into the world, they are pretty amazed, they have some cool weapons, on this part is where Elton finds his missing dinosaur horn and later adds that to Iris’s spear. They finally come across the first “empty” and Iris volunteers to go and kill it.

Back at the colony all of the CRM has killed all the people, who were over 9 thousand I believe, and walkers. One of the soldiers checks in with Elizabeth and tells her they looked everywhere and can’t find “her”. Elizabeth replies good and things end.

Here is the beginning of the end. Crazy to take out over 9,000 in one shot. The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

Prediction and summary: This episode was nice, it set things up well, and then took it all away as it seems we won’t spend much time at the colony which is a little of a waste, but we get to see the kids out in the world and can see how the future has progressed which is nice.

I’m thinking that Elizabeth knew full well what she was doing the entire time, even while drunk or acting drunk. I think that the CRM actually wants Hope and not Iris. I think the plan is to get the kids to head out to New York on their own, and leave early so they do not see the home town being slaughtered. I think with Hope’s ability to make alcohol and whatever else is something that the CRM needs. They will hold the dad hostage who isn’t playing along nicely as leverage. What they are trying to do and make I don’t know still.