Gore is excellent, particularly when it’s in black and white. Manga’s take on the genre has always been particularly brutal, sometimes even unavoidable as some expose mass amounts of blood; think Attack on Titan scenes. The best thing about the comics versus their anime counterpart is that they hold nothing back; there’s never enough guts. Here are a just a few manga that really show some brutal stuff.



Prison Lab Manga Cover via Kissmanga

Prison Lab

Prison Lab is probably one of the most horrific mangas I’ve ever read. This series revolves around a violent game, the “Captivity Game”, where a participant gets to chose their victim to hold in a cell for a whole month. The main character, Aito Eyama,chooses to torture Aya Kirishima, his main bully in school. There are specific rules, which get trickier as the series goes on, but at the end these participants are offered incredible wealth. This manga is both physiologically screwed up, but also incredibly gory.




Murcielago cover via TV Tropes


If you’ve ever wanted a manga close to the story line of Suicide Squad but instead has one main character who’s also a lesbian, this is the manga for you. Koumori Kuroko is an ex-mass murderer who begins working for the government to catch, and dispose of their toughest criminals. Surprisingly, this is one of the more light comics on this list as Kuroko often makes time for jokes and chasing after other women. If you’re looking for dark humor, Murcielago has it all packed into one series just for you.





Corpse Party manga cover via Sokuyomi

Corpse Party

Just like the name sounds, this manga is a gruesome story right out of the manga version of the Twilight Zone. This manga revolves around students attending Kisaragi Academy, a high school with a not-so-savory past. The school was built on the remains of an old elementary school,  Tenjin Elementary School, which was shut down for the disappearances of students. After using a magic charm, these high school students find themselves in the old elementary school, filled with corpses and the spirits of children who don’t wish for them to leave.



Juni Taisen Chapter 2 manga cover via Viz Media


Juni Taisen

A battle royal of the zodiac signs, Juni Taisen follows the stories of warriors representing each of their houses to win one wish; each warrior represents one animal on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. This manga shows every character’s background, including their reason for fighting, and makes it incredibly hard to root for one champion. Be prepared for plenty of death, including some serious property damage, in this crazy manga.




Future Diary manga cover via Amazon


Future Diary

Yukiteru Amano is a shy boy with a god of space and time for a friend, Deus. His friend decides to turn his phone into a diary that can predict the future for up to ninety days at a time and Amano discovers that he is a part of a survival game to take Deus’ place and stop the apocalypse. The anime became extremely popular, particularly serializing the character Yuno Gasai, but the manga is still certainly worth the read.