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This is the season finale! Of course, there is a whole musical number you have to see. It goes from Lux to the LAPD. Last week Linda and Amenadiel’s son was born. Because of what happened to with Caleb he no longer wants Charlie to be raised on Earth. He hasn’t told Linda this yet though. He tried to talk to Lucifer but we are talking about Lucifer. Also, Eve killed Father Kinley.

Speaking of Lucifer, he thinks he’s cured. There is another murder. When Monopolize was going to his interview with Holla he saw a man dressed in leather stick a knife in Holla’s chest them both men, the murderer and murdered man get into a pizza truck. Monopolized dipped and told Chloe and Lucifer about it after shooting at them.

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Father Kinley shows up at Lux possessed by Dromos with Holla who is possessed by Sqee. They want to help him get back home. Lucifer refused.

Linda is in love with her son Charlie and is making it nearly impossible for Amenadiel to take him to the Silver City. It seems as though he has but then when Amenadiel shows up and doesn’t have Charlie. Eve is I think equally angry and scared.

Turns out Kinley/Dromos kidnapped baby Charlie. Dromos was making more bodies for the demons to possess. Kinley wants to make Charlie to the new king of Hell.

Can everyone save Charlie and stop the legions of demons from spilling into this world? What will happen between Chloe and Lucifer? If you want to check out the rest of the season I provided links below for season 4 articles. Give me your thoughts on this season in the comments below. Til next week…