It is actually quite humorous that it is me who is reviewing Lucifer. If you know me in person you would die laughing. However I have just recently started watching Lucifer. My husband and I have been bingeing is for a couple weeks now at night. It is an awesome show. I love how they are presenting Lucifer. Yes he is the devil but he has a divine nature that he grapples with. He isn’t all bad and he isn’t all good. Very human if you ask me. I digress. Onto the show…

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Lucifer is devastated that Chloe ran off and felt panic that she wasn’t coming back. Chloe strolls back in on a crime scene and everything seems to be right with her. Chloe starts digging into the case. Lucifer is absolutely baffled. How can Chloe be ok with who he really is?

Dan is pissed. He lost Charlotte and is still mourning her. Amenadeil is able to bring him some comfort by reassuring him that she is in Heaven with God.

Amenadeil got his wings back and took Charlotte straight to Heaven himself. He was back in the Silver City where he wanted to be and still, he came back to Los Angeles. Poor Amenadeil. He wanted to go home so bad but came back to Earth confused and searching because something was missing. He came back searching for home or a purpose. Dr. Linda and Maze suggested to him that maybe he came back because the Silver City is no longer home but Los Angeles is.

Trixie and Maze made up. Something is not quite right here because Chloe says that Trixie is still upset with Maze. However Trixie missed Maze and gave her a big hug and said she wasn’t mad at her anymore.

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Turns out Chloe isn’t as ok as she pretends to be. She goes to a Catholic Church and sobs. As she sobs a priest comes to her and comforts her. Then asks her a question. What does he ask her and what is her response? Let me know what you think of this episode in the comments below. Til next week…