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Lucifer is no longer going to be working with the LAPD since Chloe and him falling out because she didn’t know if she can accept him as being the actual Devil. The newest case is the murder of Pablo Silva, a jewelry maker. Lucifer finds Eve, and I do mean Eve of Adam and Eve, in his club. She has a bit of explaining to do. Turns out the necklace maker gave Eve a lift in his plane.

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Amenadiel is still thrilled to be becoming a dad. Turns out he’s going to have a son. Linda is less than thrilled. She’s absolutely terrified. Freaking out as well. Maze and Chloe finally cross paths. Maze calls Chloe a weak, backstabbing liar that is keeping her away from Trixie. When Maze is telling Chloe about herself, she reveals that Linda knows and took it better. Maze decides to move out and is hoping Linda will take her in.

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Chloe goes to talk to Linda and Linda reveals everything going on. Chloe talks about her fear and Linda gives her advice. Eve goes to talk to Chloe. I suspect to size her up but covers it well by saying she can help with the case. While Chloe was otherwise busy with Eve Lucifer got information out of Ella about the auction.

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Does Linda let her in? Does Chloe find the necklace? Watch the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…