Lucifer Season 4 Episode 5 “Expire Erect”

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 Eve called Lucifer her boyfriend and Lucifer’s “Big Ben” stopped ticking. Dr. Linda says it’s probably from needing closure with Chloe. So when Chloe goes to Lucifer for help solving a case that involves vintage cars, Lucifer jumps on the chance to close the case with Chloe in hopes of getting closure.

Chloe is caught off guard when Lucifer starts talking about this being their final case. Chloe is fake optimistic about this being a faze and Lucifer and everything else will return to normal. Speaking of caught off guard, Amenadiel finds out Eve is back on Earth. Amenadiel is so not happy about it.

Source Den of geeks

Who is the real bad guy? Is this really Lucifer’s last case? Watch the episode and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…

Chloe and Lucifer think that Elle solved the case and feel dejected. They are momentarily exhilarated when Dan and the unis find his place cleared out. Then while at Lux, the suspect comes in as Chloe and Lucifer are trying to leave to apprehend him. Lucifer gets shot and because he is near Chloe he is actually hurt.


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