Father Kinley goes to Lucifer’s penthouse to “warn’ him about Chloe. He insinuates that Chloe wants to kill him. Linda is pregnant with Amenadiel’s child and she is in shock it seems. When Amenadiel tells Lucifer, Lucifer is not as sympathetic as one would hope. Dan is still mourning Charolette.

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Murders are happening to Los X former gang members. They are literally getting stabbed in the back. These aren’t people who are still in the life. These are people who have turned her life around and are doing well. Dan is really irritated with the case. He and Maze decide to go find out the information they need their way. Boy do they really kick butt!

Lucifer has been trying to talk Chloe into telling him what she is hiding. Finally he straight confronts her at a soup kitchen. Unfortunately any discussion is cut off because Dan give Chloe the killer’s name. Lucifer is enraged that Chloe lied to him and begins to take it out on the murderer till something the murderer says stops him.

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Father Kinley spoke of a trap laid for Lucifer. He is trying to get the Church to see Lucifer’s real face to prove to them that Lucifer is the devil. Chloe figures it out and arrest Father Kinley. Chloe goes to speak to Lucifer after it is done. Lucifer asks Chloe if she can accept him how he is. Amenadiel asks Linda to marry him. Someone shows up at the end of the show.

Who shows up? What does Linda say to Amenadiel’s proposal? What is Chloe’s answer? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…

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