Games-Workshop has loosened the strict grip of its franchises in recent times, allowing a wider range of products to be produced by third party manufacturers. The results is that we have a wider selection of licensed games, from board games to trading cards, as well as upcoming animated and live action Warhammer themed shows. However the most exciting licensed products come from A Games-Workshop partnership with Bandai – we are getting 7 inch, articulated Primaris Space Marine action figures! We are also getting small chibi style figures, but the 7 inch figure was probably the most exciting upcoming licensed product.

The Bandai Marine is going to have interchangeable weapons, as well as various points of articulation allowing fans to pose the Marine in various Imperium approved poses. The Warhammer-Community  post which mentions the Primaris figure mentions that these action-figures will be fully painted, however most marketing material shows the figures unpainted. Although it would be nice to have a fully painted articulated marine to pose and display, it seems it would fit the spirit of the hobby if an unpainted model is released as well. Hopefully with all the unpainted prototypes in the marketing materials, we can expect both painted and unpainted models.

As far as pricing, we can estimate a price based on Bandai’s other licensed figures. Based on prices found online for Bandai’s figures such as those licensed from Marvel I believe a price range between $65 – $90 should be expected, however given that Games-Workshop has always been one of the more expensive miniature sellers,  I don’t think it is out of the questions that they would have Bandai offer these figures at over $100. Whatever the case may be, I don’t think many collectors will be deterred by whatever the price may be, so long as they have a new figure to add to their Warhammer 40k collections.


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Along with the 7 inch, G-Dubs has also announced they will be releasing a set of Chibi styled Warhammer miniatures, soon you will be able to add cute little Marines, Inquistors, or Sisters-of-Battle to your collection. Can’t wait.


Here are a few more licensed Warhammer products.