Lucifer Season 4 Episode 9 “Save Lucifer”

It really sucks going to show a new home and you open the door and BAM! Dead body and the murderer standing there. Well, it never happened to me but it did on the show Lucifer. Speaking of Lucifer, he has a really bad case of psoriasis.

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Eve is taking the break up badly. Maze is really P.O.ed at Lucifer for hurting Eve. Eve is going to get herself together and show Lucifer she doesn’t need him with Maze’s help. They go to the crime scene and Eve tells Lucifer that’s she’s glad they broke up.

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It isn’t psoriasis that Lucifer has. His whole body is about to turn demonic. It’s spreading fast. Lucifer thinks it’s the epiphany he had about hating himself is the cause of this transformation. He believes the current case is key to understanding why he hates himself.

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Maze is in love with Eve. She take the opportunity at the party to make a grand jesture to Eve hoping her love will be returned. Unfortunately, Eve gets the message crossed. She kidnaps Father Kingly and after Maze leaves to help Linda have the baby, Kingly tries to kill Eve.

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Next week is the last episode. What is gonna happen? So many things to tie up! I can’t wait to see what happens! On a side note, I never knew there were so many devilish songs. What do you think is going to happen? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…


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