Lucifer Season 4 Episode 2 “ Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno

Chloe knows that Lucifer is in fact the Devil. She is doing incredibly well with this new information. While on her vacation Chloe was researching the Church version of the Devil. She is approached by Father Kinley who seems to want to put Lucifer back in Hell.

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Chloe and Lucifer are looking into a death on a reality series. What’s weird is that Chloe, normally so level headed, it is usually Lucifer who jumps to rash conclusions. This time it is Lucifer that is arguing caution and keeping her in line. As they close in on the killer, what should have blown Lucifer up, didn’t. However the glass that Chloe broke cut his hand and he bled. He explained to Chloe why when she asked.

Lucifer wants to pick up after the kiss but is trying so hard to give Chloe the time and space she needs. It’s cute watching him dance like a five year old waiting to open presents on Christmas Morning. Amenadeil suggests to Lucifer that he ask Chloe on a date. They make a date and Chloe decides to postpone. Chloe is in possession of a weird little vial that the Church gave her. They make another date and Chloe is just so conflicted. Understanding that she makes him vulnerable but he will put himself in harm’s way again and again seems to firm her resolve.

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Amenadeil has accepted that L.A. Is his home and is trying to get the hang of acting like a human. It isn’t an easy adjustment. Linda passes out and Maze is terrified. Maze insists that she see a doctor. Linda does and is given news that she can’t believe.

At the close of the episode, Father Kinley meets Lucifer and says he has something to tell Lucifer about Chloe. What? What does he mean? What is Chloe going to do? What is Linda’s news? Let me know what you think of the answers in the comments below. Til next week…

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