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With Catherine turning down King Henry’s proposal of marriage, her position is once again extremely tenuous. She writes letter after letter to her mother Queen Isabella, pleading for the release of her full dowry…which she hopes will entice Harry to fast track their marriage. Just when she believes her mother’s silence is indicative of her mulling things over, she gets word from her father King Ferdinand that her mother is dead and her sister Juana is now queen of Castile.

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In a bit of providence, Juana and her husband Philip are blown off course on their way to Spain and land in the laps of England. With their ship in need of repairs, Juana and Philip are courted by King Henry and Lady Margaret. The need for a continued alliance has Lady Margaret sabotage the visitors’ ship repairs in order to keep them in London until the treaty is signed, sealed and deliver.

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Juana (historically known as ‘Juana the Mad’) isn’t “mad” so much as she’s mad. This is an angry young woman with a massive chip on her shoulder due to mistreatment from the myriad of forces in her life: her parents, her husband, her children. Queen Juana’s displeasure spills over into her relationship with Catherine, especially when she demands her dowry. Juana understands Catherine’s future happiness (and future, period) depends on the release of that dowry; and for that reason and that reason alone, she refuses.

The simmering anger Juana has toward everyone is exacerbated by her philandering husband’s roaming eyes (hands, feet, nether regions). While in London, Philip’s wandering ways don’t stop and he’s hardly discreet. This is noted by Lina and promptly told to her Infanta.

In the aftermath of all the intrigue, Juana’s ship gains its repairs and Catherine makes one last entreaty to her, as sisters. Juana-determined to be an vindictive as possible-once more refuses her the dowry and turns the screws even further by telling Catherine Prince Harry is now betrothed to her daughter.

La Infanta is in need of her own emotional repairs.

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