Amenadiel is going through the natural fear of becoming a father and doesn’t know what to do. He goes to Lucifer of all people and asks advice. Lucifer tells him to ask a human. Chloe, after making the mistake of lying by omission to Lucifer, decides to be upfront with him at let him know she saw Father Kingly. She tells Lucifer of the prophecy and Lucifer actually seemed… relieved? He tried to break up with Eve and that didn’t go the way he thought it would. Eve got stuck on the idea that Lucifer loves her. Dan and Ella kinda talk about their recent hook-up.

Amenadiel takes Lucifer’s advice in the most awkward of ways. Asking the people at Lux about their relationship’s with their fathers and children. He comes upon Caleb and offers his help when Caleb doesn’t find Lucifer. Ella gets a weird call about the Teirnan case.

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So counseling is going swimmingly. Linda and Eve got along famously and Lucifer was without an idea of what to do in this situation. Amenadiel takes Caleb to give back the drugs and end his obligation to Tahir. He ends up leaving his necklace with him as collateral for the money. Tahir had suggested leaving Caleb but Amenadiel shot that down quick. Amenadiel was with Caleb when he is arrested and he gets to see the ugly side of humanity. The only reason he wasn’t shot was because of Dan.

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The case that Chloe and Lucifer are working on is the murder of a history teacher, Ms. Baez. Through the investigation they have come in contact with a few students and a parent. The parent because Ms. Baez was sleeping with him. This is also how the police came upon Caleb and why he was arrested. Still he believes that the truth will be found out and Caleb would be set free.

What was the call about? Was Lucifer successful in breaking up with Eve? Is Caleb set free? Watch the episode and tell me your thoughts. This was an emotional show for me. Til next week…

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