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“Superstore”- 2020 SDCC at Home Panel Highlights

Stay at home and virtually enjoy SDCC’s #Superstore panel.

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Superstore – “Customer Safari” Review

The hunt is on for the oddest customers at Cloud 9. #Superstore

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“Superstore”-‘Playdate’ Recap

Whose got the more advanced baby on #Superstore?

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“Superstore” – ‘Zephra Cares’ Recap

Corporate giving or corporate taking on #Superstore?

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“Superstore”-‘Employee App’ Recap

All tech ain’t good tech on #Superstore.

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“Superstore” – ‘Sandra’s Wedding’ Recap

Weddings, cats and nautical things on #Superstore.

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“Superstore”-‘Favoritism’ Recap

Mateo, Mateo, MATEO! #Superstore

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“Superstore”-‘Myrtle’ Recap

Signs, symbols and Myrtle remembrances on #Superstore.

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“Superstore”-‘Lady Boss’ Recap

CEO…nah, SHE-E-O! #Superstore

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“Superstore”-‘The Negotiation’ Recap

Negotiations are the name of the game on #Superstore.

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Superstore -‘Curbside Pickup’ Recap

The competition gets fierce on #Superstore.

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Superstore – ‘Toy Drive’ Recap

Charity, schmarity! #Superstore

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