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“Superstore”-‘Favoritism’ Recap

Mateo, Mateo, MATEO! #Superstore
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Nepotism and its close cousin favoritism play more than a role in last week’s Superstore. With Amy and Jonah in a serious, live-in relationship, it was only a matter of time before the word favoritism floated into the ether. When Jonah is given a day off to advocate at Raise the Wage, the complaints about it roll in fast and furious style at the morning briefing. To compensate, Amy takes Jonah’s day off back-leading to other accusations of favoritism against her.

With Myrtle’s passing, a new position opened up as Amy’s assistant. Mateo sees his chance to get out of the vision center-a person can only take so much of Dan calling them and crying about scarfing down McDonald’s.

Mateo, Amy, and Dan come up with a scheme to pay Mateo off-book, while a stand-in works the vision center gig. It’s not until Mateo is almost home free as Amy’s assistant that Justine, Marcus, and Sayid threaten to tell HR that Amy’s playing favorites again.

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To avoid the basic impropriety concerns, Amy devises a group interview for the assistant position. Thinking that Mateo has it in the bag, everyone is beyond surprised when Marcus turns out to be extremely skilled at administrative duties. Having worked admin at his dad’s company and completing multiple tasks as a warehouse worker, made Marcus very suited to the job. He crushes the interview…even when it gets weird and karaoke is brought out (his singing voice is lovely).

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In the end, Amy lays it out plain for Marcus: Mateo needs the assistant job more than he does. It’s an opportunity for blackmail and Marcus does just that. Demanding a raise and getting weekends off, he eyeballs one more thing in Amy’s office. Stroking the woodgrain lovingly, Marcus ends up with Amy’s desk as his last power play. A desk in a warehouse. Doesn’t get more Superstore than that.

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