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Any working parent understands the difficulties of juggling parenthood and working fulltime. On last week’s Superstore, the challenges of single motherhood come full force when her daycare closes due to a lice outbreak (thanks Logan).

Literally juggling Parker while running the morning briefing, the Cloud 9 team has a myriad of suggestions as to how Amy should be raising her youngest. From Mateo to Sayid, everyone has something to say regarding Amy’s parenting skills.

Glenn supposedly comes to the rescue when he has his wife Jerusha come to the store to watch Parker and their baby, Rose. Amy gets in her feelings and has large moments of self-doubt when Jerusha (a stay-at-home mom) talks about making all of Rose’s food, making up songs and stitching all of her homemade toys. Things get even more awkward when Amy and Jonah find out Rose is potty trained at 16 months…while Parker won’t high-five on cue.

Parents like Glenn and Jerusha can be the literal worst-know it alls that think their way is the only way. Not to mention that many parents don’t have the ability to have one person at home full-time. Glenn’s insistence that Amy isn’t a fulltime mother because she works is not only offensive, it’s totally wrong. Mom’s (and dad’s) that work outside the home juggle many hats and are parents throughout the day, just like stay-at-homes.

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In order to prove which baby is more advanced, the team decides to make a baby obstacle course. As the employees cheer them on, Rose and Parker sit and the starting line and…just sit. It’s a testament to the mercurial nature of babies: they’re going to do what babies want to do.

And while all of this is ongoing, Cheyenne and Sandra tumble down a rabbit hole Jonah actually being Parker’s biological father. A fact that’s bonkers considering Amy was seriously pregnant the first time she and Jonah hooked up.

Oh Sandra. Always going Sandra things.

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