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“Superstore”-‘Employee App’ Recap

All tech ain't good tech on #Superstore.
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Within the last few years, data breaches, stolen personal info and social media tech companies doing data dumps on their users have become increasingly common. In last week’s episode of Superstore, the folks of Cloud 9 learn what happens when an employer encroaches on work time in multiple ways.

As Cloud 9 is now a subsidiary of tech giant Zephra, the higher-ups encourage (i.e. demand) the crew uses their in-house employee app. Although workers are now allowed to have their phones on the floor with them, the invasive nature of Big Brother doesn’t go unnoticed by resident skeptic Jonah.

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The app seems to have some perks (clocks them in, earns points for knickknacks) but tracks everything: location, breaks, searches, all of it. It’s not noticeable until Cheyenne, Mateo, Sayid, and co. note their break times being counted down on the app. Every time they step into the breakroom, the countdown begins anew. It’s weirdly overbearing and unnecessary to employee performance.

Although Garrett initially thought nothing of the new app, a prank/comeuppance/gaslighting by Jonah and Sandra going terribly wrong changes his mind with a quickness. After being tailed by the Cloud 9 security guard, followed intently by the Cloud 9 camera system (courtesy of Sandra), the poop hits the fan when Sandra also relays an email with a false bomb claim to the police. It’s a lesson learned for Jonah about pranking: just don’t do it.

Courtesy of NBC

The perils of texting and driving are on full display when Amy (with a sullen and mute Dina in tow) hits a goose while looking for teens whose purchases were seriously suspicious. While at the veterinarian hospital, Dina and Amy squash their beef and Dina finds a fellow bird lover in the vet himself. It’s a fitting end for a high tech episode to have a low tech potential love connection. Maybe love isn’t for the birds after all.

Catch Superstore Thursdays at 8PM on NBC and streaming on Hulu.

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