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Superstore – ‘Toy Drive’ Recap

Charity, schmarity! #Superstore
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With Mateo’s immigration status in limbo, Amy and Jonah take it upon themselves to make Mateo’s case for a green card. Although Mateo is camera ready, his naturally snarky personality shows through in a video for a toys for tots drive he “orchestrates.” The toy drive stalls when a ‘St. Louis Samaritan’ (played by SNL and Portlandia alum Fred Armisen) camps out in front of Cloud 9. With people donating to the Samaritan’s charity, there are no toys flowing into Mateo’s toy drive, causing a passive-aggressive conflict, resulting in Amy defending her position as a good manager.

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We all recall the glee in which Dina found out (and assumed incorrectly) that Garrett was dating her one-sided nemesis, Colleen. Although she wrongly thought Garrett was seeing her in order to dump her (to apologize for killing her birds), Garrett really liked Colleen and had a connection with her. Imagine Cheyenne’s surprise when he admitted they hadn’t spoken or seen each other in weeks. After 30 seconds of investigation on his phone, Cheyenne concludes he’s been ghosted. It takes him speaking with Colleen-and getting more excuses about why she’s unavailable-for Garrett to actually understand that ghosting is real. And it hurts.

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With the most boring wedding for the most boring couple in the world upcoming, Sandra and Jerry asked Glenn to officiate their ceremony. As he’s trying to glean something they like about each other, the best the happy pair come up with is “nice” and “great.” It’s not until Dina does a stream of consciousness pressure onto Sandra that a whole boatload of sexual gratification talk comes spewing out. To Glenn’s horror, their boudoir exploits get very detailed in an impromptu counseling session. It’s the most talking Sandra’s ever done.

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With the Samaritan getting aggressively involved in tanking Mateo’s toy drive, Amy and Jonah come up with ways to divert potential donors away from his red bucket. Parking carts in front of him, spreading bird seed around, setting fertilizer right next to the ringing bell, the toy drive suddenly becomes a rousing success. As soon as Mateo hands off the toys, they find out the Samaritan stole them right out from underneath them, with their permission! It’s total trash behavior but in the wise words of Amy, “Even trash kids need toys. I guess.”

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