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“Superstore”-‘The Negotiation’ Recap

Negotiations are the name of the game on #Superstore.
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Because of Amy’s management title with Cloud 9, she’s left out of the negotiations for the newly unionized employees of the corporation. Jonah and Sandra are the delegates from the store leading the charge for better healthcare, more pay and safer working conditions. While Jonah has been there from day one, Sandra was the secondary only because she yelled “dibs” in the team meeting. A most auspicious start.

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In order to allay her lack of control, Dina and Cheyenne take Amy out on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Chopping down a giant Douglas fir, Amy’s distraction from Jonah’s updates on the negotiations cause her to forklift the tree into a transformer. With a power outage in effect, the store is forced to close temporarily, stopping a pointless and silly who-can-sell-the-best contest between Mateo, Glenn and Garrett.

At corporate, the union negotiator slices her hand cutting a bagel and is put of commission, leaving Jonah and Sandra to fend for themselves.

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Passion is the name of the game for Jonah when it comes to bettering conditions for everyone. He set out to become a champion of the people and that’s what he does. Outlining what workers need and the conditions they’re forced to work in, he makes a convincing case and corporate acquiesces.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Amy’s told by district manager Maya that the deal is null and void due to Cloud 9 being bought out by a tech company. As Jonah shares his enthusiasm for it being a “good day,” Amy doesn’t have the heart to tell him any different. To be continued…

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