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With SDCC handing geeks, cosplayers and everyone in between virtual panels due to the pandemic, 2020’s Comic-Con shaped up very differently then year’s past. Superstore’s gathering was no different. Moderated by a very fun Lauren Ash (Dina), Ben Feldman (Jonah), Nichole Sakura Bloom (Cheyenne), Nico Santos (Mateo), Mark McKinney (Glenn), Kaliko Kauahi (Sandra) and Colton Dunn (Garrett) joined in to talk season 5’s missing finale and some of their favorite moments.

Definitely noticeable was the presence of America Ferrera (Amy). After announcing she would not be returning for season 6, showrunners Glen Miller and Jonathan Green stated she would be back in a limited capacity. The cast talking to one another over Zoom avoided getting in too deeply with Ferrera’s looming departure, with Ben Feldman cheekily saying “RIP America.”

Courtesy of YouTube

Some of the funniest moments included the cast ruminating on what crossover they’d like the show to participate in. Options included: Hawaii 5-0, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Law and Order. Another silly part was showrunners Miller and Green giving us the potential storylines that never made it to filming. Jonah being a Cloud 9 corporate spy. Sandra going bald leading up to her wedding. Carol crashing the wedding and singing “Satisfied” from Hamilton.

In the end, there wasn’t a ton the cast could give us on season 6’s plot. Considering there are no solid back-to-production dates, reminisces about seasons past may be all we have for a while.

Check out the full 2020 SDCC panel below:

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