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With Cloud 9 being acquired by California-based company Zephra, tensions are a bit high with the employees. With rampant speculation regarding layoffs, possible payouts and a whole store move to China, Amy just wants the crew to focus on their jobs at hand: loafing and poking fun at customers. The daily Cloud 9 vibe.

As the acquisition threw Jonah’s union plans into a state of flux, he goes on a quest to find his latest “fix-it.” From rescuing a dog that didn’t need rescuing (from its own backyard) to planning to tear up the Cloud 9 parking lot to plant trees, Jonah is adrift (and highly annoying to Amy).

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Jonah overcompensates per usual and inadvertently steps into it with an overzealous group of dudes, led by Marcus. When a display of feminist-lite shirts gets Marcus, Dan, and Sayid up in arms, Jonah tries to take ownership and lead a dialogue about their actual fears and concerns. This, of course, devolves into chaos when Amy (doing her job as a store manager) takes a call from corporate during the meeting in the safe space “Octagon.”

SUPERSTORE — “Lady Boss” Episode 511 — Pictured: (l-r) David Wain as Dan, Jon Barinholtz as Marcus — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

In a fit of petulance, the dudebros of Cloud 9 set up a barbecue/hang out in the middle of the store and demand Amy appoint a man to lead them. After trying to make Glenn floor supervisor-with him reluctant to accept the promotion-Amy finds the perfect opportunity to symbolically back Glenn into a corner.

Superstore consistently shows the absurdity of fringe movements (like “men’s rights”) while maintaining its pulse on humor and laughter. The future of Cloud 9, a subsidiary of Zephra, is definitely in the hands of women…and most definitely up in the air.

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