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Superstore – “Customer Safari” Review

The hunt is on for the oddest customers at Cloud 9. #Superstore
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In an episode clearly setting up lead star America Ferrera’s imminent departure, last week’s Superstore showed that secrets and (little white) lies don’t always get the job done.

As Garrett and Mateo debate the weirdness of multiple Cloud 9 customers, the former decides to make a contest for his fellow employees. Some of the ridiculous subjects on Garrett’s list: twins on a harness, aggressively patriotic t-shirts, sweats, and stilettos combo, the more outrageous, the better. With a $10 buy-in, the winner’s pot was a sweet $200. This, of course, leads to Cloud 9 employees not checking people out, not cleaning the store and being generally non-productive.

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As for the reason, the employees are running amok: the boss is away. Amy and Jonah have lunch with Jonah’s parents and brother, where Amy learns just how much of a butthead Jonah’s brother is. Sitting through endless ribbing from Jason, Jonah tries to take the high road, while Amy wants to curse him out. The last straw is when Jason calls out Jonah’s lie to their parents about being in medical school. Amy turns to call out the wack brother when Jonah’s dad confesses he’s been having an affair with some woman named Shelley…again. As the rest of the table sits in shock, Jonah’s mom takes a breather in the restroom, comes back, squares her shoulders and tells her husband she wants a divorce. Secrets and lies.

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Returning to the chaos of the store, Amy takes refuge in her office and gets an interesting call from Zephra corporate. As her mentor sang her praises, Amy is invited to apply for a huge promotion at headquarters, in Palo Alto.

Amy goes bye-bye.

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