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One of my favorite things about Superstore is how it never takes itself too seriously. Drawing inspiration from real life, Cloud 9 corporate decides to take on curbside pickup service in last week’s episode. What ensues is classic slapstick with a dash of social commentary, of which the show has found the perfect recipe.

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In a lackluster A-plot, Amy’s brother Adam comes to town and ends up staying longer than the couple of days they agreed upon. Jonah overcompensates (per usual) and manages to irritate Amy’s houseguest. As she takes it upon herself to setup Adam with Mateo, Amy’s overbearing know-it-all attitude takes its toll on her brother and Mateo both. I think we all understand overprotective older siblings but Amy takes it to another level. It’s a bit of a swing-and-a-miss plot point in an otherwise stellar fifth season for Superstore.

Courtesy of NBC

The hilarity of the store instituting curbside pickup is on full display when Dina’s competitive nature rears its head. With Jonah and Cheyenne on her mobile distribution team, the orders quickly overwhelm them and customers begin to lose their already thin patience.

The coup de grace is Dina deciding to take matters into her own hands and being the runner for the entire operation. Rushing around like a chicken with her head cut off, Dina manages to hit her 30 minute mark…despite getting hit by a car.

And in a bit of a wink-wink/nudge-nudge to the corporate machine’s desire for a buck above all things, Amy tells Dina that a 20 minute window for curbside pickup might be feasible.

Happy holidays to all!

Superstore will return in 2020. Stream all episodes on Hulu.