If you missed last week’s review, you can find it here. This is the last episode for season two, I will link episodes one through four down below as well as the trailer for season three.

We open to Gabe talking about the final exam. The students get anxious about having to remember everything from the start of the year until now. Grace mentioned that there are students who have to study and rehearse for the play people will be attending. Marisol gets nervous at the prospect of others seeing the play. Gabe, being the awesome teacher he is offers to try to help students after class when after Grace, Walt points out he needs some driving advice. All but one student stays after class.

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One on one, Gabe talks to the class. There is so much to help with. He gives them something not many have. A non-judgmental ear to talk to. Really listen to. Later in Drama class, they get last-minute instructions before tomorrow’s dress rehearsal. Marisol is still really nervous. Walt is trying to give Mikey his support in the best way he knows how. He says Mikey should go for the kiss for real. Mikey says he wants to kiss Marisol for real as Marisol, not Juliet.

The next day in the teacher’s lounge, Gabe is guzzling coffee because he was up late grading papers because he was helping his students. Mr. Hayward tells Gabe and Tony that they need to do more and do less and maybe they will have better balance. Gabe has become the unofficial counselor of the school. He begs Paula to hire a counselor.

Through the whole show, and most of the season, everyone has been trying to get Gabe back on the horse of dating. When Gabe got sober, the AA Fellowship suggests no dating for one year. Gabe did that. Now that he made the mark, everyone, even Mr. Hayward, wants to see Gabe happy with someone. Paula has gone so far as to look for hiring someone who Gabe might like.

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In dress rehearsal, Paula and Carlos have a problem. She changes the script, is late, and does not like where she has to stand. Mikey and Marisol talk about the kiss that is coming in the play. Mikey is being a gentleman about it which Marisol likes. She even defends him against Walt. Back at the teacher’s lounge, Gabe again begs Paula to hire a counselor.

How does the play go? Does Gabe meet someone? Let me know what you think in the comments below. I really want to know! I will tell you what I think too. Until next week…

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