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We open to the students actually being a little happy about the play. Mikey is really trying hard to impress Marisol.

Gabe comes in and Grace says she doesn’t want her role because Lady Montague is a bad mom. Gabe tells her how to speak with a British accent. To lighten the more they switch gears to WWI and the use of mustard gas. Marisol brings up that they are the only school in the district not participating in Greek Week. She is upset and thinks they should. Gabe says he will talk to Principal Madison.

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Gabe approaches Paula about Green Week. Abby backs Gabe up and Tony wants to keep his neon sign. Paula keeps saying no because they don’t have the funding. Gabe really tries and Paula denies that global warming is a problem. Gabe really tries and Paula relents but says the kids need to not make a fuss, a bunch of noise, or make it stink.

Mikey continues to try to impress Marisol and miss. When Marisol tries to give Principal Madison an update on what they are doing for Green Week, Principal;l Madison rudely shows Marisol that she couldn’t care less. Marisol keeps trying though. In front of Principal Madison’s office, teachers are put in “jail” for breaking Green Week guidelines. This is breaking one of her stipulations. She kicks everyone out. Gabe speaks in terms Paula cares about. Green Week is back on. Gabe does tell the kids how to get people on their side.

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Did Wilson High win? For Paula that is all that matters. What do you think of Principal Paula Madison’s self-centeredness? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…