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We open to a the second semester after winter break and Gabe is in class welcoming them back to class. Principal Madison welcomes them back and congratulates them again on the decathlon win. Walt pays Principal Madison an inappropriate compliment.

Source Deadline

In the teacher’s lounge, Gabe talks about having scared his class talking about college. When asking about unscaring a kid, Tony suggests giving them hiccups. Gabe decides to mess with Carlos. He asks about his drama class. Carlos drops his ranting and dives into a play. Abby asks in that works with Tony.

Gabe apologizes for scaring the kids. Mikey reveals that he is dropping out when turning sixteen next month. Walt, again inappropriet, gives Mikey respect for wanting to drop out. Gabe is going to have them watch Rocky. Mr. Hayward and Paula have a chat. Paula is pushing teacher to press the kids to sign up for Carlos’s drama class so it stays peaceful. After scaring the bejeezus out of Mr. Hayward, Gabe asks for advise to help Mikey want to stay and help the rest of the class gain confidence. Mr. Hayward suggests the Ikigai chart.

Source Deadline

Back in the teachers lounge, Carlos is getting his digs into Abby and Tony. They use Gabe’s technique to deal with Carlos. It worked. Gabe uses the Ikigai chart with his students. Marisol got the point. It seems as though the rest of the students did not. Gabe wanted to talk to Mr. Hayward but got Tony instead.

Did Gabe convince Mikey to stay? Did anyone sign up for Carlos’s drama class? Rakeem was noticably absent from this episode. I wonder where he went. Are you excited for a new season to read about? Possibly watch? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…