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We open to Gabe in class and he is asking why no one is signing up for Mr. Hernandez’s drama class. Gabe encourages them to sign up. The kids try to get something out of Gabe for doing so. When Gabe points out it looks great on a college application, Marisol is in and because Marisol is in, so is Mikey. Man he is so in love with Marisol.

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In the teacher’s lounge, Gabe makes Carlo’s day by showing him real student’s name on the drama class sign up sheet. Paula suggests because it’s a new year and a new semester they should try a new bar. Carlos is taking very serious, his role as drama teacher. It is so funny. Unfortunately Carlos isn’t quite teaching anything yet. He expects them to know stuff already. This just scary to watch. Everyone ended up walking out. Gabe offers to teach Carlos how to teach.

Abby reveals why Paula wants to try somewhere else. She got banned from their usual bar. Tony and Mr. Hayward decide to mess with Paula. Abby has reservations but decides to play too. They are trying to get her to admit why she doesn’t want to go to the usual spot. She almost comes clean. Back at drama class, Gabe teaching Carlos kind of backfires. Carlos walks out this time and the students are happy. Gabe finds him after class to talk.

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Does Carlos get what Gabe is trying to teach him? Does he try class again? What do you think of Carlos teaching any class. Rakeem still wasn’t there this episode either. Let me know your thought on this episode in the comments below. Til next week…