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We open to Tony and Gabe in the teacher’s lounge. Tony misses the days when he and Gabe were frequently bar and hitting on women. He thinks in two weeks when Gabe gets his one year that things will go back to the way they were before. Tony is still striking out with Abby. Paula is looking good this morning. She’s tired of being single.

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Following Paula out, Gabe talks her into giving dating a break. In the auditorium, Mr. Hernandez tell the students that they will be acting out William Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet. When he tricks Marisol into being Juliet, Mikey leaps on being Romeo. Marisol gets out of it on political grounds opening it up for Walt to pick up Juliet’s role.

Tony used photo shop to “get” a dog. Tony proves his point about dogs in pictures with Abby. Gabe proves his point with Paula. Paula has a whole new lease on life without the dating apps. She found a guy at the grocery store. Gabe thinks this is a horrible idea. Abby on the other hand is excited for her. Both Tony and Mr. Hayward know the coach that Paula is gaga for, and say he is a hardcore player. The kids aren’t over the top thrilled about the play. Walt on the other hand is thrilled to be Juliet and is a “method actor”. Mikey is begging Walt to help him convince Marisol to play Juliet. He is hoping that Marisol will feel something for him if she does.

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Gabe is trying to get Paula to not go out with Coach Winslow. Paula doesn’t want to hear it. Walt takes one for the team and Marisol takes center stage with Mikey. She even gets caught up in the emotion. Just before the kiss Mr. Hernandez yells “Brava!”, breaking the spell. Gabe and Tony track down Coach Winslow at a bar. After running the Coach off Gabe waits for Paula. Abby thinks Gabe is in love with Paula.

What happened between Paula and Gabe? How is the play developing for Mikey and Marisol? I can’t wait to see Mikey and Marisol play Romeo and Juliet. How about you? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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