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We open to Mr. Hayward, Gabe, Tony, and Abby in the teachers’ lounge for the start of the new school year. Carlos is on a fitness kick and Principal Madison brings Gabe tablets for his students. Everybody wants to hear about Gabe and Jackie. Jackie has been out of town all summer so they have been texting. Gabe doesn’t want to date a coworker.

Walt and Lorenzo ask Mikey about him and Marisol. They also have been texting this summer. Grace is talking to Marisol about Mikey. Marisol isn’t real happy with him. In class, Gabe welcomes back his students. He goes to give his students the tablets and there wasn’t enough for all his students.

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Paula says that every department took cuts. Though the sports department didn’t get cuts. Jackie shows up at work and Abby and Paula are excited. Paula and Abby leave Jackie and Gabe alone and Gabe gets out of the situation quickly. Marisol wants Mikey to make a move but he is too scared.

The solution to some of the kids having tablets and others not is to run an experiment. The kids with a tablet must study independently. The kids without getting to study together for a quiz tomorrow. He wants to see which side does better. He even makes the nontech students give up their phones.

Mikey, Marisol, Grace, Walt, and Lorenzo are studying together and all of them are freaking out without their phones except Marisol. Though all day she has been throwing hints out to Mikey. I’m not quite sure if he is picking them up. They are slowly warming up to the idea even with Marisol and Mikey’s tense interaction. Team no tech was defeated 88% to 91%.

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Gabe goes to talk to Jackie professionally. He tells her she was wrong about the tech. As she explained, she managed to get Gabe into talking personally. Gabe expresses his apprehension at dating a co-worker.

Does Mikey ask Marisol out on a date finally? How about Gabe and Jackie? Are you as excited about either of the date possibilities? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…