Netflix has given Halloween and DIY fans something to howl about this Halloween. After becoming Instagram famous for her creepy confections, Christine McConnel teamed up with Netflix and Jim Henson to create The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. It’s definitely different than the regular baking shows we’ve seen before! It’s funnier, darker, and absolutely memorizing. The series is full of hauntingly delectable treats, amazingly spooky crafts, and hilarious puppet friends. While her creations are not for the faint at heart, they are absolutely GORGEOUS. She’s got Martha Stewart’s natural talent with a Tim Burton style and fans are loving it!

The show has a very interesting setup! Unlike a lot of other DIY or baking shows, it is presented with a storyline that places at least three crafts in each episode. She doesn’t stop at just creating food. In this season she creates bat wings, jack o lantern candles, and a chocolate tea set just to name a few. Many criticize that the items are too advance for the normal mortal, but I found myself memorized by her skills and talent. Honestly, there is no way I could make any of this stuff, but I want to be her best friend and sit at the table to watch. Why? The food that she creates makes your mouth water. From cookie spiders to a gingerbread dead house, even the Werewolf Paw doughnuts, she creates edible horror masterpieces. If you are interested in her recipes, she does have a cookbook titled, Deceptive Desserts: A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad that you can pick up on Amazon!  It’s worth mentioning that Christine’s home is also full of the strange unusual creatures. A werewolf named Edgar, a stuffed raccoon roadkill named Rose, and an ancient Egyptian mummy cat named Rankle, are constantly getting into killer mischief with her guests who pop by. Even Dita Von Teese makes a guest appearance as Christine’s ghost in the mirror. These characters have some dark humor moments that had me in stitches. Meanwhile, Christine helps solve the episode’s problem with her horrific creations often breaking the third wall confusing the hell out of her creature friends.

As someone with no crafting talent what so ever, I sat in awe for six episodes straight as Christine created some amazing DIY pieces. Whether it’s werewolf Rice Krispy treats, making your own dress, or even how to make a spooky gift basket, Christine is showing fans new ways to make things with a horror twist. I can’t help but say I learned a lot of small tips from her show. Check out The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix right now or the trailer below!