So if you’ve been keeping an eye on the pop culture world, you may have heard of a little show set to release on Netflix later this month called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. This highly anticipated series is a prequel to Jim Henson’s 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal, which follows Jen, the last surviving creature of his kind (the Gelflings) as tracks down a lost shard of the titular Dark Crystal, which can restore peace and balance to the world if repaired —  and he must do so while evading the evil antics of the Skekis.

The new Netflix adaptation promises to be a faithful return to the world of the classic film, but with bolder & grander ideas. It’s fresh, but keeping faith to the originally, including, yep — puppetry.

For many adults, this series will be a nostalgia trip, aided by the use of practical effects and a dense source material. But for many, if not most viewers, this will be their first dive into this fantastical world.

The show is making serious waves amongst the television critic circles, giving it a hype boost that just may spur a massive surprise release weekend. This is helped along by its seriously impressive voice cast, which is so lengthy and lofty its beginning to look like MCU or Game of Thrones credits — oh wait, it does quite literally look the Game of Thrones credits! Nathalie Emmanuel, Lena Headey, Natalie Dormer, and Ralph Ineson are all on the cast list.

It’s not fair to give Game of Thrones all the attention here, though. Notable names from series like Star WarsHarry PotterKingsman, and Sherlock also make appearances. Honestly, the scope of the star power on this project speaks for itself, so I’ll just list everyone who’s currently on board:

So ya, this series is a big deal. It has to be to get this kind of cast signed on.  The question now is, will it be able to hold up to all the hype?

Personally, I think that there is plenty of room in 10 episodes to create a really solid family fantasy tale, especially given the world that the original created. In such a case as this one, I think that sticking to some genre molds will do a lot of good, guiding a relatively simple and/or recognizable plot into the hearts of its viewers with lovable, memorable characters.

Due to the somewhat obscure nature of the source material, I expect that The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will be perfectly understood by viewers even if they never saw the original film. This strikes me as a very character-driven piece, much like the Hobbit films that were prequels to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It’s rare that a fantasy show gets this much attention, especially one done with puppetry rather than CGI. I think this is a show that cannot be ignored, and assuming the scripts give lots of fun material for this cast to work with, I think it’s sure to be a hit.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will be released on Aug. 30 on Netflix.