We open to Cintra burning after Nilfgaard’s attack. Geralt is looking through the ruins searching for Ciri or at least a clue as to where she is.

Geralt looks for Ciri among the refugees and right now all he is finding is dead Cintrians and the walking dead. Geralt got bit by them and the guy that he saved found him and is taking him to his farm and keeping him awake. Geralt is still feeling the effects of the bite. He is hallucinating Yennefer and Renfri talking to him. He is with a soceress who saved him. It is his mother. His mother is younger than I would have thought.

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Yennefer is on a boat with the other mages. They are making a strategy to stop or at least hold off Nilfgaard who is trying to take over the continent. The are going to the Elven keep in Sodden to stop the push of Nilfgaard. As the people work furiously in the keep getting ready to defend the coming attack, Yennefer continues to stand apart. She struggles to decide if she wants to help. While still on the fence whether or not to engage she is watching the tower. She takes to her duty wonderfully. Yennefer is faced with the realities of war and losing those that you know. Some of the people in Sodden have worms in their ear and turn on those in the keep and Yennerfer is stabbed. Women and children are dead because of the inside attack. Yennefer rouses who she can and when she finds Tissia she tells Yennefer to let her chaos explode.

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Ciri comes to with the woman who was pestering her in the market and a dead horse and dead bodies. As Ciri remembers what happened she seeks comfort from the woman and she provides it. Ciri is at the home of the woman and her son is giving her a hard time until they see that Nilfgaard has arrived. The woman thinks the Nilfgaardians will pass by her home and that she, her son and Ciri will be safe. Ciri does fall asleep but is woken by Geralt yelling for Yennefer. She knows she must go find him.

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Does Geralt find Ciri? Where in the world Jaskier? What happened when Yennefer exploded? Does destiny truly find a way no matter what? Have you seen my reviews for the rest of the season’s reviews? I will leave links to the rest of them below. Let me know what you thought of season one in the comments below. Til next week…