We open to Jaskier singing, trying to write a new song. Two men are standing by waiting for Geralt. As the men are getting ready to rob Geralt, an unknown man and two women stop him from doing so by breaking one man’s neck. The man is Borch Three Jackdaws. Tea and Vea are his companions.

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Geralt is wanted by Borch, to join Borch’s team to take care of a wounded dragons. Geralt refuses. Once he sees that Yennefer will be going on this hunt he joins the team. The four groups come across a hirikka. Geralt tries to save it. He just wants to feed it but Sir Eyck decides to kill it anyway. Geralt later decides to talk to Yennefer to find out why she is there. When he learns her reason he tries to tell her its a bad idea all around. Unfortunately his words fall on deaf ears. Geralt started with a five-man team. When Eyck dies they allow Yennefer to join them making the team a six-person team. They lose Borch, Tea, and Vea putting the team down to three. The dwarves who were showing them a short cut leave everyone behind. Geralt and Yennefer find out that Borch is a gold dragon. Both Geralt and Yennefer fight to save the dragons.

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Yennefer has walked the Earth for decades and never met a witcher. Now that she has met Geralt, he turns up everywhere she is. She is going on the dragon hunt too. She is accompanying Sir Eyck of Denesle. Yennefer is seeking the dragon for its heart to try to come up with a cure for her infertility caused by her transformation. Yennefer and Geralt are falling in love I believe. When left behind by the dwarves, Yennefer enables herself and Geralt to beat the dwarves there.

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Ciri is with who she thinks is Mousesack with Dara in tow. When Ciri questions “Mousesack” about Geralt, “Mousesack” brushes her off. Dara starts asking questions and reminds Ciri to do the same because “Mousesack” seems off. “Mousesack” produces Queen Calanthe’s sash and it quiets Ciri. Ciri finally starts asking questions and it pisses the doppelganger off enough that he attacks Ciri and Dara defends. Ciri gets the doppelganger off of Dara with silver. When Dara is knocked out, Ciri runs to lure the doppelganger away from Dara. In her hast to get away from Dara and the doppelganger, she runs into the man in black.

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Do the dragons (yes I said one earlier but watch, you’ll see) survive? What becomes of Ciri? Is Dara ok? Watch it on Netflix and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…