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We open to a young man and woman who were flirty and looks like they wanted to kiss and stuff. The woman then notices “her” flower missing. It was picked up by a farm girl. Instead of thanking her they beat her up until she literally vanishes. She is transported to the Tower of the Gull in Aretuza. The farm girl meets another young man, Istredd, but this one is much nicer even after she slaps him. He sends her home in an untraceable portal. Yennefer, the farm girl, is totally confused by what is going on.

Yennefer is sold for four marks by her “father” to a witch. Yennefer tries to kill herself. Princess Cirilla is still on the run from those who would see her dead. So far she has been successful at evasion but not in finding Geralt. Out of nowhere, a young man guides her to a camp of her people. We are also introduced to a bard. I am not sure if I like his song or voice yet. As Geralt meets the bard and is leaving, a young man asks him to kill a devil that is stealing their grain.

Source Game Rant

As Yennefer is trying to learn basic magick, she is introduced to the possible consequences of using it without sacrifice. She goes back to meet with Istredd. Cirilla, on the other hand, is taken in by a well of a family who is a refugee of war but doesn’t like the Queen and is glad her family is dead. For such reasons, Cirilla gives a false name.

Geralt finds the “devil” who turns out to be a sylvan. Geralt is knocked clean out by a second attacker. Yennefer is still trying to learn basic magick. When she fails at mind transference she runs back to Istredd. He helps her learn the mind-reading. I think they are falling in love. The next lesson is catching lightning in a bottle. Jennifer was unable to catch it but is able to absorb and direct it.

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Geralt and the bard are bound together and Geralt gets a beating. He tries to talk some sense into his captors. He is ready to die but doesn’t want to be lumped in with the humans. Istredd tells Yennefer about the Tower of the Gull. Yennefer reveals that she is a half-elf. The camp where Cirilla is staying is attacked and the man in black armor is trying to find her again. Yennefer watched 3 of her sisters “ascend” but is not included in the ceremony. Geralt manages to gain his and Jaskier, the bard’s, freedom.

Why wasn’t Yennefer invited to ascend? How did Geralt get his freedom? Did Cirilla find Geralt? I was discussing with my husband that the song “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” would sound good as a metal song. I completely agreed with him. Want to guess what I found? If you guessed the metal version, you would be right. I am linking the video down below. It’s by Dan Vasc. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…