Hello, and welcome back to The Good Doctor. With Season 2 slowly wrapping up, lets not waste time and just get into the story!

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun is still against his Residency as a Pathologist. He is trying to find a way to change Dr. Han. Shaun decides to walk to work, where Melendez and Lim are making out at a corner. Lim is worried they are spotted, but it is hard to tell. She tries to talk to him while asking for results, but he is his usual vague self, and thinks he might of seen. Melendez tries as well, but is just as awkward. When they are both called to Han’s office, and sees Shaun waiting, they think the worst, but it turns out Han merely wanted to tell them the case from before, where they considered suspending Melendez, Lim, and Shaun’s medical license, was dismissed. Because of the stress, Lim and Melendez talk about going public with their relationship. After a very long day, they both approach Andrews to tell him about their relationship.

Meanwhil, Dr. Lim’s friend, Laura, is a first time mother, and brings her daughter in with a slight fever, but Audrey finds a clot. In pathology, Carly and Shaun realize that the bleeding was caused by a fracture, but Shaun didn’t notice any bruises. They both realize the same injury could be caused by someone shaking the baby hard. Of course Lim rejects the possibility. They proceed to do other tests, and it only confirms the original findings. Lim’s friend denies the accusations and states she has not left the baby’s side. CPS is called. Shaun has a brain blast while watching Kenny’s surgery, and retests the clot. They realize the injury was from the baby’s birth and just rebled 2 days ago. Not abuse. Lim goes to Laura and apologizes. Laura calls her out for never allowing Lim to be vulnerable enough to truly feel love.

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Kenny, a patient Dr. Aoki is covering for educational purposes, has neurofibroma, and in 6 months encompassed his abdomen and grew to be 100 pounds. Other doctors claimed it was inoperable but Melendez has an idea. They plan on clamping the veins and then remove the tumor as one big piece. Sadly, an MRI reveals the tumor has grown quite a bit, some of the veins bigger than a man’s thumb, and would be hard to cauterize. They aren’t sure they can proceed with the surgery. Kenny would rather try and die than live any longer. Claire and Park head out after shift, Claire complaining about how Morgan stayed late so Han could see her stay late. Luckily, she has an inspiration. Cut to Han calling Morgan out for staying late. He sends her home, just as Claire comes back. She mentions creating a clot to stop up the vein long enough to cauterize it. Kenny agrees. They proceed into the surgery but notice the fluids are leaking faster than they expected, making the surgery more difficult. Above, Shaun watches, before leaving. After he leaves, they flip Kenny, and he begins to crash. Melendez decides to call Murphy in as he can mentally follow blood flow, but Han stops him and says cut what we have and try again another day. Claire defies the order and Shaun mentions clamping the aorta. It will stop blood flow to the legs, but Claire follows up that if they release the clamp every 10 minutes it would work. They turn to Han who agrees, before they turn back to Kenny and Shaun quietly leaves. Park and Claire are the only one who watch hin leave. They are able to remove the tumor, Han doing the last cut, to a round of applause. Shaun approaches Han after the surgery, asking to get back to Surgery. Han says he is doing so well in pathology, he should stay. Shaun sits and states he is a surgeon. He starts yelling he is a surgeon. Then has a break down in the locker room. Claire finds him, and tries to clean up while he has a panic attack.

Aaron is waiting for his latest results, to see if the chemo worked and he is cancer free. Blaze and Aaron go back and forth, and the topic switches from his results to him trying to thank her.  Later, he is waiting for his Chinese take out, and snaps, stating after 40 minutes he doesn’t want to wait any longer. I think it is the stress waiting for the test is leaking out into his everyday activities. After a long wait, he finally gets the all clear. They have to wait 6 months for another MRI, but is currently in the clear. Glassman gives her a gift, against her wishes, but it is a baseball he caught when he was 13. He wanted her to have something that mattered to him. She is clearly tearing up. She mentions cancer changes people, and asks if he would have thought of a wonderful gift 11 months ago.

The heart strings were tugged this week, and I hope they didn’t fire Shaun for standing up to Han. Until next week, stay shiny!