We open to a dying man testifying as to what attacked him. He is telling a Witcher who is not Geralt. He doesn’t win. Geralt is in bed somewhere else. The whore he is with tells him of the other Witcher. Off Geralt goes looking for him.

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Geralt finds where he needs to be. The king of the lands kicks Zgeralt out only for the sorceress to bring him back anyway. The monster or “pest” was thought to be a vukodlak. It is, in fact, a striga. The striga is the princess that is the sole heir to the throne. He meets with the King which doesn’t go over well and gets kicked out again. He still doesn’t listen. Triss finds him waiting to distract the guard so he can get into the old castle. He wants to search for clues as to who cursed Princess Adda. After finding letters he figures out who cursed Adda. It wasn’t Adda that was cursed, Eist cursed the King. To reverse the curse, Geralt must keep her out of the crypt until dawn. The striga is extremely ugly. They did a really good job. Geralt manages to keep her out of the crypt until morning and the curse is lifted but the child manages to hurt him badly. Triss manages to nurse him back to health.


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Yennefer is facing the thought of not being able to be with Istredd. They talk of possibilities but…Then she is with the plastic surgeon I suppose and they are picking her dress for her graduation I guess you would call it. She sees the woman she wants to be. Yennefer was supposed to go to Aedirn but is instead being assigned to Nilfgaard. Yennefer skips her initiation and figures out who “sold her out”. Yennefer breaks Istredd’s heart and dumps him a cruel way. She goes to the enchanter who almost does not do the enchanting. To gain the beauty she desires, she must give something up. She is transformed and is close to unrecognizable. She manages to get the assignment she wants.

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Ciri wakes on the frozen ground. She is being drawn somewhere by a voice from a dead sleep. Dara is shot with an arrow trying to get Ciri to listen.

Something funky in this episode happens. In the first episode, we see Ciri and Queen Calanthe. In this episode, Calanthe is still a princess. How does this track? Then we see Geralt speaking to King Foltest as a man only to later see him as a child with his sister Adda. The time jumps are a little jolting.

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What must Yennefer give up for beauty? Does Geralt save the Princess? Where is Ciri going? Where in time are we? Have you noticed the time jumps? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…