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Holy Crap what an opening. A HUGE spider-like creature is fighting with The Witcher. His eyes are black like a demon’s in Supernatural with dark veins coming down. When he reaches the town, his eyes are normalish. The white hair still stands out. Nobody, well at least the men don’t. Two women are nice to him. We finally find out his name, Geralt.

Geralt is taken to Stregobor. He wants to sell the kikimora to him but Stregobar wants Geralt to kill a monster for him. It is a person named Renfri. Stregobor is in hiding. A girl playing a kind of Jacks game is told to come and ends up at the palace behind who I am guessing her mother. Geralt doesn’t believe Stregobor about Renfri. He refuses to do Stregobor’s bidding. The Queen is her grandmother. They are on the eve of war.

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Turns out, one of the women who was nice to him in the bar is actually Renfri. Now she is asking Geralt to kill Stregobor. He keeps hearing the line “lesser of the two evils”. Renfri is unable to convince Geralt to her side either.
The king dies and the queen is in bad shape. Not many people are safe within the castle walls. The queen is preparing to die. The sorcerer is holding the invading army off as long as he can. The Queen prepares Carilla to go and carry on. She begs her to find Geralt.

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Renfri isn’t done with Geralt yet. It appears they have sex, but it is unclear. Afterward, as Geralt is waking, she takes Marilka hostage and forces Geralt to choose. What will he choose? Have you seen this? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…