If I am, to be honest, I haven’t played the Witcher games nor have I read the books. However, my husband and sister-in-law have. I have Witcher 3 on my computer. I just need a controller to play it. That being said, I was super excited to know this series was being made. (I was and am super excited to play Witcher 3) I am super impressed with it. Henry Cavill is doing an awesome job. The fight scenes are absolutely awesome, the clothing is fantastic and the characters are likable, lovable, hate-able or redeemable depending on who we are talking about. Now that I have said that, let’s get into the show shall we?

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 Jaskier asks Geralt to accompany him to a royal ball. Jaskier needs Geralt to keep him alive as he as put his sausage in the wrong pantry. Geralt’s words, not mine. This takes him to Cintra, the kingdom of Calanthe. His daughter is supposed to choose a suitor from this ball. Already I can see this isn’t going to go well. Queen Calanthe not only doesn’t care for her daughter’s feelings and encourages her to cheat on her husband, but she makes fun of some of the suitors. Geralt has already told her that if things go south, he isn’t helping her. He does end up getting into a fight though to defend a cursed knight who invoked the Law of Surprise. The Queen orders both the knight and Geralt killed. As Geralt mowed through the other knights the Queen stopped the fight. Pavetta tells her mother that she loves the cursed knight Duny. The whole of her court demands that she honor the Law of Surprise. She feigns as though she will but tries to kill him instead. Pavetta stops her by screaming. Next chaos ensues. When the chaos dies down it seems as though two marriages will happen.

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Yennefer thought that life was going to be one grand adventure. Right now Yennefer is helping the current Queen of Aedirn run from someone who is trying to assassinate her and her child. The spider-like creature with the murderer is creepy. All Yennefer can do is keep creating portals for them until she can’t anymore. The guy is tracking them. Yennefer is somehow ported out of the way. When she comes back she finds the Queen dead and the baby about to be killed. She saves the baby only to have it die at the next jump. Yennefer sits on the shore and talks to the babe. Tells her that she is lucky to be dead.

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Ciri wanders into an enchanted forest. It is the Brokilon Forest. It is where she was heading in the last episode when Dara was shot with an arrow. She is met by a bunch of women with bows, arrows, and spears. She is taken further in even after she said she needed to find Dara. It turns out the people of the Brokilon Forest are Dryads. Ciri and Dara are told they must drink the waters of the forest. If they bear ill will towards the forest or people, they will die. If not, they will survive and may stay. The waters will even lessen their suffering and let them forget their pain. Dara drinks the waters. He feels everything will be ok. Ciri drinks the water but it doesn’t work on her. She is taken to Shan-Kayan.

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What will happen with Shan-Kayan? What will become of Yennefer with her two temporary charges dead? What will happen now that Pavetta and Duny are wed? Can we take a minute to talk about how jolting the timeline to this show is? Can we take a minute more to talk about how hot Geralt is? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…