Geralt watches as men march. He speaks to Mousesack and learns more about Ciri. When he is about to be attacked Mousesack transports them both. Geralt is back in Cintra to protect Ciri. Geralt begs Queen Calante to let him protect Ciri though the fight with Nilfgaad. Queen Calante says that she is going to send Ciri with him but readies another girl. As Geralt waits for “Ciri” in the hall a panal opens. He goes in and follows the passageway. He sees that the girl is not Ciri. Geralt is escorted out of the castle only to be trapped. During the attack, Geralt escapes.

Source TV Insider

Yennefer gets to see Istredd again. She tries to talk him into making a life with her. Istredd is tempted but ultimately turned her down. After Istredd turns her down Vilgefortz suggests they get out of there and go to Aretuza. Yennefer goes with Vilgefortz because she thinks Tissia asked for her. When she finds out Tissia did not. She roams the halls of Aretuza and is enveloped by memories. She schools some girls in her personal truths. She is in the room when the counsel chooses whether or not to try to help Cintra.

Ciri made it to a town. She is cold and hungry and Dara is no longer with her. A woman tells her to be careful. To get better gloves Ciri gives away one of her mother’s rings. The woman who warned her earlier tries to get Ciri to go home with her. Instead, Ciri steals a horse.


Does Geralt find Ciri and protect her? What will he do with a child of Surprise? What does Yennefer choose to do? Where does Ciri take the horse? What have you thought of the Witcher? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…