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Roger leads Jamie’s militia to the trading post of Brownsville and finds himself embroiled in a bitter feud. Jamie and Claire arrive to find that Roger’s unusual strategy may have cost them the loyalty of the militia.


So far, this is my favorite episode of the season. This had more of the feel of a true Outlander episode, and I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it. I think what made it entertaining, was that all the characters were super sassy in this episode, and were giving a lot of shade and being sarcastic. It made me laugh a lot. But overall, a lot of the focus was on Isaiah Morton and his love affair with Alicia, and it was an ok storyline, and it had its moments, but I think I liked the undertone of everything else going on.

First off, yes, I wanted to scream every time I heard Roger sing in this episode, but besides that, I actually kind of liked him in this. Seeing him and Fergus in the beginning, made me like their chemistry because they had a good dialogue going on and I think they made a good team. But when Jamie arrived to the town, that’s when things got good. Since last season, I’ve been liking this protective Jamie persona going on, and I think it’s kind of comical, that Jamie is constantly judging Roger on everything he does. It’s like, “there’s Roger, and oh, there’s Jamie, watching him again.” It’s this constant battle between them, and so far, Roger is losing. Jamie has to fix his mess, with the Isaiah controversy, but I like that with all this responsibility Jamie has gotten, it’s really showing how much he’s matured over the years, and how he’s taken on the leader role. One little snippet that I thought was clever though, was when Roger tried to school Jamie on phrases in history. Jamie really didn’t want to hear what he had to say, but I thought Roger did make some valid points. He talked about the origins of “when in Rome,” and “Dutch courage,” and at that moment, I did respect him. That knowledge might help him in the long run.

We got some more nice moments between Jamie and Claire and I like that we got to see them be silly and got some more references to their past. When Claire realizes that her medical advice has accidentally been printed for more than Fraser’s Ridge to see, I like that she took on the Dr. Rawling pseudonym. It kind of reminded me of Season 3, when Jamie took on the persona of A. Malcolm, but what made me laugh, was that Jamie had to joke with her about the name. It especially made me happy, when he said, Beauchamp. We haven’t heard him say that name since probably, Season 1, and it made me giddy. And another thing we hadn’t heard in a long time was Claire saying, “Jesus H. Roosevelt, Christ!”. It was about time we heard one of those again. Later on, we saw a sight to behold. Jamie Fraser dancing the Highland Fling! Um, yes please! This made the whole entire episode, and I love that Claire was cheering him on and laughing. And it continued on with that great moment of them in the woods. I love a drunk Jamie or Claire moment, and it was nice to see them relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. Their talk was sweet too. It’s so nice that Jamie truly cares about Claire’s feelings and wanted to know if she wanted to keep Bonnie. Throughout the episode, it was lovely to see that Jamie was so in love with watching Claire take care of a baby. Like they said, it was unfortunate that they couldn’t be parents together when Bree was young, or even got to take care of Faith, but just the fact that Jamie would consider having another baby with Claire, was endearing. I’m glad though, that they might give the baby to Lucinda. Towards the end of the episode, we got to hear another narration by Claire, and I say, keep them coming, because those really remind me of the true Outlander episodes and we get another little hint about what the characters are feeling.

Lastly, Bree has to get it together. This storyline is kind of getting annoying at this point because it’s progressing at a snail’s pace, and now she’s getting paranoid. Yes, we did get a hint that Bonnet did meet his child when Bree was at the Post, but I’m still wondering what he’s going to do to her. At night, she left Jemmy alone with Germain, while she went outside for firewood, and I thought that was a bad move on her part. You don’t just leave your child alone without supervision. But thankfully, Marsali was there to calm her down. This was another pairing that I liked together. Marsali knocked some sense into Bree, but of course, now if Bree is going to let her guard down, somethings going to happen.