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Claws – “Breezy” Season Finale Review

The season finale of #ClawsTNT gave us marriage, death and a life in limbo…

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Claws – “Til Death” Review

Desna embraces her criminal enterprise side and ascends to her final form on #ClawsTNT.

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Claws – “Crossroads” Review

Loyalties are tested and broken on #ClawsTNT.

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Claws – “Burn” Review

Desna has a plan…to start a war. #ClawsTNT

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Claws – ‘Double Dutch’ Review

Desna gets her mojo and fights back on #ClawsTNT.

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Claws – “Vaginalologist” Review

Things aren’t what they seem on this week’s #ClawsTNT.

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Claws – “Scream” Review

Quiet Ann’s inner voice came out on #ClawsTNT!

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“Claws”-Review of ‘Russian Navy’

Zlata plays no games and Desna meets Madame on #ClawsTNT.

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