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As the fallout from Desna discovering Zlata and Ruval’s true relationship hits the fan, things spiral further out of her control. In a blinded state of mind, she checks Bryce’s status at the hospital. Finding him in flatline and Jenn in a rage, Desna decides to take Dean and go. It’s only Dean pulling her from the ocean she’s walked into that gives Des the clarity she craves. “We’re going home Dean. That’s right, we’re going home.”

As Zlata and Ruval’s nefarious plans come to head (marriage to Desna equals community property), Roller charges in and chokes his mother-in-law out. As her henchman Boris headlocks Roller, he warns him that his son will be killed if anything happens to Zlata. Shocked by this admonition, Roller exclaims “But he’s your grandson!” to which Zlata explains “Olga can have more.” Cold-blooded game Zlata.

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As Desna and Dean go trekking down memory lane to find their former foster mother, Virginia is left to hold down the salon alone. With a large kids’ birthday party flooding in, the resident Barbie of Palmetto County is in over her head a bit (a lot bit).

Things are falling apart and the stress of it all hits hard when Jenn’s ex-rabbi lover Hank comes by the hospital as a “friend.” Roller is not impressed by Hank’s friendship offer and decks him. Anything for family.

Speaking of family, as Polly and Quiet Ann babysit Jenn’s girls, they have a heart-to-heart. Quiet Ann is noticeably and suitably concerned that Polly is content and happy to play madame for Zlata. Polly-taking her duties as management for Hammer & Pickle quite seriously-continued to drum up business for the revue. Quiet Ann is horrified and reminds Polly of everything she sacrificed in order for the crew to he free of bosses like Zlata.

Polly’s not trying to hear it.

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Back at the hospital, Jenn engages in some highly inappropriate activity to pull Bryce out of his coma. He responds and wakes up. Mission accomplished.

Desna and Dean manage to find their favorite foster mother, Mrs. Wallace at a senior living facility. As Desna asks for her advice and explains that she’s lost the light inside of her, Mrs. Wallace gets real. “That’s just some bullsh*t you tell little kids…you a sh*tkicker from a line of sh*tkickers. You’ve been fighting since the day you were born. You just need to remember who you are.” It’s advice Desna needs to hear and spurs her to action to make things right.

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With her desire to make things right and fix it all, Desna’s first stop is to Jenn. Explaining how she’s getting played by Zlata and Ruval, Desna is happy to know Jenn is her ride or die in all things.

Desna has to be top of the pops in her playacting to Zlata. Access is key to her plan in taking the Russian boss-lady down. As they converse about removing the Uncle Daddy problem once and for all, Desna overhears Zlata speaking with dirty cop Chip. Walking out from her meeting, she calls and warns Clay to not meet him.

Clay has other plans though.

As Chip pulls up, Uncle Daddy waves hello…and pops a 12-gauge, pump action shot in his chest. Chip problem solved.

As they hideout at Polly’s home, the actual truth about Ruval’s double-crossing, drug dealing comes out and Desna’s anger knows no bounds. She’s willing to work with Roller and Uncle Daddy only to take out Zlata and Ruval, but that’s it. The association goes no further.

Walking into her bought and paid for with dirty money home, Desna is confronted by a wedding gown sent from Matilde Ruval. Looking at it in disgust, Desna lights that dress up as plots her bloody revenge.

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