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“Claws”-Review of ‘Russian Navy’

Zlata plays no games and Desna meets Madame on #ClawsTNT.
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The very moment Russian money madame Zlata popped a cap in her own sister’s head, I think we knew “Claws” was going for the jugular this season. After the fratricide, I wasn’t shocked when Zlata arranged the wedding of her daughter and Roller at gunpoint. It all felt very normal for the new head of a Russian crime syndicate.

Zlata’s erm, enthusiasm, has more than carried over into Desna and her crew’s daily life. As a lieutenant to the head of a crime family, Desna’s dreams of wealth and stability for herself and Dean are within reach…but at what cost?

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‘Russian Navy’ focused on the budding relationship of Desna and her fake good doctor, Gregory Ruval. Although Roller, Bryce and Uncle Daddy know Ruval is a drug kingpin, none of them have seen it necessary to share the wealth of information with her. For now, he remains her good doctor: a man of culture, taste, wealth and a highly overbearing mother. Sharing a meal on Ruval’s yacht, Desna meets his maman, Matilde. She is…overwhelming. Bossy. Borderline rude. And she is not impressed with Desna. As she throws guilt trip after guilt trip to Ruval-with Desna listening in-our protagonist wonders if her relationship with Gregory is worth the headache.

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In the B plot(s), “Claws” is leaning into its soapy/trashy premise with a vengeance…and I live for it. Jenn and Bryce are in a bad space after he was shown her sex tape with the square dancing orthodox Jewish proprietor next to the salon. But Bryce has no right to cast stones when Jenn found him engaging in a job of blow with her mother. Those two are a total sugar-honey-iced-tea show…they deserve each other but the stubbornness has taken route. With her marriage crumbled and her mother a total homewrecker, Jenn falls off the wagon. Hard. Getting her fix by soaking tampons in vodka, she circumvents Desna’s threat of rehab but can’t fool Bryce.

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As for the businesses (legal and otherwise), Desna directs a classically terrible commercial for the pain med clinic. Using their exotic dancers from Hammer & Pickle (shout out to Zlata for the pun), it harkens to the terrible goodness of the real-life Juan LaFonta attorney commercial (look it up on YouTube, you’ll have no regrets). With Virginia’s social media clout, the video is on it’s way to viral status and the clinic, Zlata and Desna are about to ball out of control with washed money…

You can catch Claws on TNT, Sunday at 6PM or on demand.

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