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As the crew panics over where Desna is (county, state, city lockup), the lady herself languishes in custody of a joint task force. She manages to get her one call and tells Polly “It’s go time,” while the crew rallies to her direction. Polly is savvy enough to realize what Des is saying between the lines: they have a snitch in their midst. The girls are ready to ride or die for Desna but there’s a wrench in those plans: Dean. He insists on handling things himself…whatever that entails.

While in the pokey, Desna sees her old friend Mandy. Glamorous, put together, elegant Mandy cracked under the pressure of Manatee county real estate and wrote some hot checks. It is an eye-opener for Des to see this once (seemingly) powerful woman brought low. Needless to say, her spirits are low.

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The one excellent thing that came out of Desna and Uncle Daddy stealing the coke is the wedge it drives between the Russian and Haitian crews. Zlata versus Gregory is a heavyweight battle waiting to happen…and it’s being exacerbated by Ruval’s mother, Madame. She loathes Zlata and makes no apologies for it. It makes for interesting mother-son times.

While Quiet Ann, Jenn and Virginia shred docs and simultaneously freak out, Dean attempts to bail Desna out. With the police being typical police, he’s thrown out of the station yelling for them “Not to touch me!”

At arraignment, Desna is left high and dry for a moment but her attorney comes through. Although her bail is an excessive $500,000, her lawyer says the $50,000 bond is handled. A win at last.

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In Uncle Daddy’s taxidermy warehouse, the cut blow is ready for sale and/or distribution. Clay’s other Dixie Mafia connections (second cousin’s son’s cousin or something) roll through to make the buy…and end up sticking up the joint. The only way out of it is when Roller tells them how Zlata shot Bryce. That placates them and they all make plans to avenge Bryce.

While Des walks out expecting to see Polly and the crew, it’s Zlata who rolls up. Surprisingly, Zlata tells her everything: Ruval’s involvement in the cocaine business and his betrayal of her. Desna’s Cheshire cat smile shows her immense pleasure at having the upper hand in their collaboration.

In the midst of all the happenings (which is A LOT), Jenn is being held hostage by square dancing rabbi turned stalker, Hank. She manages to get a coded message to Bryce who (slowly) rushes to save her.

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The hits keep coming when Desna tells a distraught Ann that Arlene was the one whom had her arrested. Ann’s face was the perfect balance of horror and sadness; Judy Reyes is a true artiste.

As for Polly and Dr. Ken: she figures out he was the one wearing the wire and got Desna locked up. In Pol’s mind, there is nothing and no one worse than a snitch. She tells Dr. Ken to get his ish and get out.

While Desna is happy to be home, she is less than pleased when Dean takes his packed bags and tells her he can’t live with her. He expresses his disappointment in her and her choices and leaves without a look back. Her heart breaks but Des is nothing if not a survivor.

In a final coup d’etat, she makes a new plan of attack with Zlata. Des will open 3 more clinics, marry Ruval, let Zlata kill him and sign over his assets to the ruthless Russian. The madness appears to continue…

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